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Progressive Cavity Pump

Progressive Cavity Pump


Use this cable to connect Apex Systems and modules together.

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These Italian manufactured progressive cavity pumps have been developed over many years of experience pumping mostly olive oil and wine. With stainless body and rotor, and 3 choices of stator material they are now finding new markets handling many other fluids including viscous, with suspended solids, hot or cold. Some examples include: delicate algae strains, algae slurry, beverages, vegetable oils,  milk, cream, soft cheese, ice cream, yogurt, jams, chocolate pastes, fruit pulps, pizza topping, treacle, glucose, runny honey, sewage, dyes, solvents, soap, shampoo, detergents.

Progressive cavity pumps take your product into a cavity and transport it gently to a high pressure outlet, they don’t, whisk, beat, flail, or thrash your product to bits like many other types of pump. We have 3 models, and spares for them in stock, 1 inch/4GPM, 1.5 inch/16GPM and 2 inch/25GPM.

  • Available on trolley or pump only
  • Single phase or 3 phase
  • Variable speed or fixed
  • Tri-clamp standard or other
  • NBR, Viton, EPDM stators
  • Run dry probe option
  • Remote control option

Pricing is for PUMP ONLY. Please call for pricing on VFD, cart, cooling fan or package. Lead time may apply.

Shipping not included in price and will be invoiced separately.