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Evodos Dynamic Settlers

Evodos Dynamic Settlers 2017-09-19T10:47:23-05:00

The Evodos Spiral Plate Technology Dynamic Settlers are designed especially for removing solids from liquid as well as separating liquid mixtures.

All Dynamic Settlers use Evodos proprietary Spiral Plate Technology. This ensures a high separation efficiency combined with a liquid free discharge, no flocculant usage and a minimum energy requirement. The Evodos Dynamic Settlers never need balancing and are Plug & Play. So, no need for specific infrastructure (foundation, noise..).

Why Evodos?

  • Spiral Plate Technology provides a low shear separation
  • Very high quality algae paste
  • Little to no temperature change
  • Harmlessly separates the smallestĀ or most delicate algae
    • Nannochloropsis
    • Dunaliella Bardawil
    • Diatoms
    • Tetraselmis
    • Haemattococcus
    • Chlorella
  • Algae remain in tact and alive during and after the separation
  • Able to efficiently separate components with very similar specific gravity
  • Retains high-value components
  • Over 95% separation efficiency
  • Minimizes energy consumption in downstream process
  • Discharged solids are compressed and almost free of extracellular water