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​​The Evodos type 50 is designed to operate fully automatic in a 24/7 mode. It is very suitable to process dedicated flows that vary between 1000 and 4000 L/hour. The Evodos type 50 is a dynamic settlers® that deploys Evodos’ Spiral Plate Technology, like all other Evodos dynamic settlers®. The Spiral Plate Technology allows high separation effectiveness at minimal energy demand. Under laminar flow, the suspended particles sediment at a minimum settling distance. The solids are discharged as dry as possible with dynamic settlers® technology, since the remaining process liquid is removed from the drum before actual discharge.

The highly effective separation process takes place with a minimal energy demand. No chemicals are needed.

The result is a highly effective chemical free separation combined with dry solid discharge at low energy requirement.


The Evodos type 50 is part of a new generation of dynamic settlers®, both in process characteristics as in the mechanical construction.

The advantages of the Evodos type 50 are:

  • Increase of the  capacity: The drum capacity of the Evodos type 50 is twice as big as the Evodos type 25; with the Evodos type 50 you can harvest up to 100 KG of paste per hour.
  • The separation sharpness and efficiency is increased: Due to longer settling time and higher G-Forces (up to 4000G)
  • The paste discharge is improved: a new discharge technology is implemented to minimize the loss of paste.


  • High separation effectiveness through spiral plate technology®;
  • Separates many types of solids (abrasive, non-permeable, soft and grease);
  • Low shear through smooth discharge system;
  • Designed for commercial processing and includes remote monitoring.

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