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Great Lakes 3/4-HP Aeration System for Shallow Lakes 4GL75

Great Lakes 3/4-HP Aeration System for Shallow Lakes 4GL75


Aerate your lake with this 3/4 hp system all year round! Contact us for more information!

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The Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems Great Lakes® aeration/destratification system is guaranteed to be the lowest cost method of inducing circulation to remove stratification, add oxygen and deliver the many benefits that result from sufficient bottom oxygen. These systems feature Sweetwater® unconfined synergistic airlift (USA) diffusers that have proven their effectiveness in over 500,000 acres of lakes worldwide. Install a Great Lakes® system and be confident that you have the most efficient and effective system available. We have more experience than anybody. For system sizing see the Average Sizing Guides below, then contact us to double-check before ordering. One-year warranty. Installation available.

Systems come factory wired for either 115V or 230V single-phase (add “-230” after part number for 230V). Three-phase models, not wired, are also available. Great Lakes® systems feature Sweetwater® oilless rotary vane compressors that include a muffler, inlet check valve, control valves, 0–30 psi liquid-filled pressure gauge and pressure relief valve. Our shallow lake systems, which use the ALA4GLB diffuser manifold(s), are recommended when the majority of the lake is 4–15 feet deep. Tubing is not included; we recommend P200S polyethylene tubing on the land and WD1 weighted tubing underwater. Maintenance kits include four sacrificial carbon vanes, gasket and two inlet filter elements.

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