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Washable Filter Material

Washable Filter Material


Washable polyester for repeated use. Measured by the yard (91.4 cm).

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Washable polyester for repeated use. Measured by the yard (91.4 cm).

Enkamat® Poly (PF12/PF13)

  • Polyethylene fibers can be used to construct DLS media for biofiltration, for soil erosion control, splash control, etc.
  • PF12 has 0.025” diameter fibers bonded to a felt underlay. PF13 has 0.030” diameter fibers and is 1” thick
  • Not UV-resistant

Disposable Filter Media (PF8)

  • Fine polyester fiber material offers high quality at a low price
  • It will sustain one or two cleanings before disposal
  • With no fire retardants or dyes, it is safe for fish

Enkamat ® Nylon (PF4/PF5)

  • A matrix of semirigid nylon monofilaments fused at their intersections
  • The best reusable egg-laying material
  • Useful for filter media support, biofiltration material, soil erosion control, etc.
  • PF4has 0.020” dia. fibers, PF5has 0.025” dia. fibers

Carbon Filter Material (PF3)

  • PF3 filter material features polyester fibers heavily coated with activated carbon
  • Provides an ideal mechanical, chemical and biological filtering media
  • A fine pore material suitable for clear water applications

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PF11A – Fine, 2 yds, PF11C – Fine, 10 yds, PF17A – Medium, 2 yds, PF17C – Medium, 4 yds, PF2A – Coarse, 2 yds, PF2C – Coarse, 7 yds, PF16 – Coarse, 2 yds, PF16C – Coarse, 4 yds, PF8A – Fine DSP, 2 yds, PF8C – Fine DSP, 10 yds, PF3 – Carbon, 2 yds, PF3C – Carbon, 8 yds, PF4A – Enkamat, 2 yds, PF4C Enkamat, 8 yds, PF5 – Enkamat, 2 yds, PF5C Enkamat, 5 yds, PF12A – Enkamat, 2 yds, PF12C Enkamat, 6 yds, PF13A – Enkamat, 2 yds, PF13C Enkamat, 7 yds